Who is a BGA Learner?

bga learner smiling

This question often pops up when I engage with parents, and for a long time, I responded very broadly to not incorrectly label our students. However, now that our BGA family has grown to over 1500 members (learners, parents & collaborators), I feel confident in narrowing our definition of a BGA Learner.  


Foremost, I would say our BGA learners are Brave individuals as they have broken away from the traditional way of “doing school”, which was the same way their parents and grandparents were “doing school” in the decades past. Additionally, our learners are self-motivated individuals with a strong desire to assess and set forth their own goals and objectives. Finally, our BGA Learners are individuals that have acted on their decision to take their future into their own hands by taking ownership of their studies while also developing their interests and managing their time between these parallels.  


Our learners are inspired by our learning coaches to continuously keep learning. Our learners ask questions and look for answers from people in the know and others that are willing to share their own experiences. Our learners are diverse individuals, they are sportspersons, cultural enthusiasts, aspiring musicians, and academic-focused individuals and some of them are even uncertain about what they are and where they fit in. 


One thing is certain is that at BGA, it’s okay for our learners to be different and it’s okay for them to be themselves. Our learners are taught to cooperate, instead of competing with each other. They quickly learn that co-learning takes them all further. I often say that BGA is for all learners but not necessarily for all parents. Many parents still regard traditional schooling as the only school. Fortunately, many parents are looking for more than just a school for their children, but rather for an educational solution that empowers their children and includes them in their educational process.  Parents are looking for a flexible and relevant schooling system for their children. BGA provides both. Flexibility through our beneficial Hub network locations and relevance through our internationally recognised British curriculum and with Brave & Beyond curriculum which covers core skills. 


BGA is well-positioned to embrace the new lifestyle of global families, the traveling families that work around the world and want their children to be a part of this lifestyle without ever jeopardising their educational and personal requirements.  So if you are a learner who wants to be trusted and inspired to reach your full potential and are open to working with all social classes and ages, then you are a BGA learner. 


The next step is to be Brave and contact us so we can arrange your trial days and get you started on writing your own path.

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