We are all born with superpowers

We need to learn how to use them and show the world how diversity enriches society


I believe that we are all born with special and individual characteristics and growing up is understanding them and exploring them to their fullest potential.


However, we live in a society that standardizes (especially school) so much that all these individual characteristics are seen as difficulties and/or disorders. And then it becomes a problem because instead of enhancing these characteristics we put them down and make people who carry them feel inadequate.


But they are wonderful, amazing, and different ways of seeing the world, and exploring this diversity would benefit everyone in particular and society in general.

Sometimes they are so unique that the individual needs to learn how to use them. Like Spider-Man needs to learn how to use his web or he’ll be tangled in it and won’t explore its potential. But that’s all there is to it.


ADHD, dyslexia, autism, they’re all just different ways to perceive the world. And I could mention so many more. What needs to change? Just the way we look at them. Easy, right? It’s the same with the cup: we can choose to see if half full or half empty.


Sofia Borges

Pedagogical Coordinator

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