Personalised Success: BGA's Self-Paced Approach

self-paced learning

In the landscape of education, the term "self-paced" learning has stirred curiosity and sometimes misconception among parents. At first glance, you might assume that this means your child will be left alone to learn by themselves. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Self-paced learning actually empowers students to take charge of their own education, allowing them to follow their own rhythm when it comes to their studies. Brace yourself as we dive into the profound impact behind this approach at BGA – where flexibility isn't just a convenience, but a catalyst for our Learners' unparalleled success.


What is Self-Paced Learning?


In traditional schooling, when students attend to their various subjects, they must conform to the pace set by the teacher and learn synchronously alongside their peers. This not only means that students who need a bit more time to master the material may get worse grades caused by rushing, but it also means that they may not be effectively learning this material either. This can have a negative impact on both the student’s academic future, and their self confidence.


Self-paced learning intends to nullify this problem by allowing students to go through the same material as their peers at their own speed. They can sail through subjects that they have a natural affinity for, and spend a bit more quality time on those that they struggle with. Every child has their own strengths and weaknesses, and we must embrace that more effectively to help them enhance their academic comprehension. 


How Does BGA Utilise Self-Paced Learning?


BGA places a large emphasis on flexibility. This extends from where students study, to what they study, and primarily how they study. Through our digital curriculum, Learners have the ability to go through different modules, assignments, and assessments at their own pace. They choose their own goals and when they want to achieve them, and then organise their studies in a timely manner to meet those goals. This allows those who might be struggling to keep their motivation up, and to effectively learn the material that otherwise might have flown past them in a traditional classroom setting. Self-paced learning means that no child gets left behind.


The Benefits of Self-Paced Learning


There are numerous benefits to self-paced learning in the BGA learning model. Here are just a few:


  • Responsibility
    • Since Learners are in charge of their own schedule, it means they take more ownership of their academics. They aren’t being told what to do and how to do it, but they get to choose their own goals and are responsible for making them happen. This will help them as they move into adulthood. 
  • Increased Self-Confidence
    • Lower grades and struggling with material often harms a Learner's self confidence, as they mistake a slower learning process with a lower intelligence. This is particularly prevalent when they compare themselves to their peers, as they’re all supposed to be moving through the same subjects at the same time. Self-paced learning means that there’s no competition, as Learners will all be at different points in the lesson. This often makes for better retention, which boosts self confidence.
  • Better Understanding of the Material
    • Traditional schooling puts a large emphasis on memorisation, which does not necessarily translate to understanding. By taking subjects at a slower pace, Learners can go over more difficult material again and again until they understand it, giving them an overall deeper knowledge.
  • More Engaged
    • In a larger class, it’s easy to get distracted and lost in the shuffle. Through the control of their own learning, Learners become more invested in the material, and therefore more engaged. When they feel like they can finally understand a subject, they’ll be more likely to continue pursuing it instead of giving up. 
  • Encourages Lifelong Learning
    • A pivotal skill in this modern age, this generation of Learners needs now, more than ever, to learn how to learn. There are so many unforeseeable events and inventions coming their way, and self-paced learning teaches them the methods that work best for them. They can get a joy out of learning that they otherwise may not have experienced, and prepare themselves for a changing future. 


Self-paced learning is a pivotal part of BGA’s innovative learning model. Our belief is that by granting students the autonomy to follow their individual learning timelines, we empower them to master materials more effectively, thereby boosting confidence. BGA seeks to nurture empowered, engaged, and confident Learners ready to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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