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Brave Generation Academy Learner at a Hub

We tend to think that big problems need big and sometimes complex solutions. Well, I tend to disagree.Thinking about education in specific, I believe that it is exactly in simple and common sense things that the solution lies to the much needed transformation in education.


The environment: where success and failure walk together; where collaboration replaces competitiveness; where academics joins hands with skills; where we can experience the diversity that’s out there in the real world; where one can learn and have fun while doing it.


The people: specialists that build and improve a curriculum; mentors that specialize in each individual knowing how to guide and coach them in the learning and development process; coaches that support in finding the answers, and not giving the answers – its in the process of research that develop skills; peers with whom we can learn with and from.


Holistic approach, meaning not just academics, but a system that allows the person to develop all the aspects of one’s personality; where one can have many different experiences enhancing the possibility of finding their purpose; where physics, English, art, music, robotics, sports, history, are all as important.


Skills need to have a proper environment to develop, a fertile ground. If I’m never allowed to be responsible, I won’t develop responsibility. If I’m never allowed to decide I’ll never be able to make decisions. If I’m never allowed to question anything I’ll never be a critical thinker. And this is the case for every skill.

And I think we as a society can agree that we need critical thinkers, we need responsible people, we need Brave and independent young people to go out into the world and promote the change we’re so eager to have. So let’s give them the fertile ground for them to flourish. Simple, right?


Sofia Borges

Pedagogical Coordinator

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