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Early graduation
Unlocking a World of Opportunities: The Advantages of Early Graduation at Brave Generation Academy (BGA)

Brave Generation Academy (BGA) revolutionises education with its asynchronous hybrid model. This allows Learners to learn at their own pace, which in turn enables early graduation. By offering this unique learning experience, BGA empowers Learners to unlock a world of opportunities. Read on to explore the advantages of early graduation with BGA through secondary schooling, and even into higher education.

The Benefits of Early Graduation
  • Accelerated Personal and Professional Growth

Early graduation from BGA propels personal and professional growth, providing a competitive edge in the job market or higher education, depending on where the Learner’s interest lies. Graduates enter the workforce or pursue advanced degrees sooner, gaining valuable experience and climbing the career ladder at a faster pace.

  • Financial Savings

    Graduating early from BGA leads to significant financial savings. Students save on tuition fees, accommodation costs, and related expenses, allowing them to invest in further education, start a business, or secure their financial future.
  • Flexibility and Personalisation

    BGA's self-paced learning approach offers flexibility and customisation, enabling students to graduate early. Learners can progress at their own speed, focusing on subjects that align with their strengths while efficiently completing areas that are less challenging.
  • Enhanced Academic Performance

    Early graduation fosters enhanced academic performance as students set ambitious goals and develop discipline and motivation. This drive results in improved grades and a deeper understanding of the subjects studied.
  • Room for Other Interests

    Graduating early provides students with more time to pursue extracurricular activities, internships, or community service. This holistic approach fosters personal growth, builds well-rounded skill sets, and enhances employability.
  • A Head Start in the Job Market

    Early graduates from BGA enjoy early entry into the job market, gaining a competitive advantage. Employers value the initiative, determination, and time management skills of early graduates.
  • An Early Gateway through Higher Education

    BGA not only opens doors for graduates to pursue higher education sooner, they also offer a fast track for higher education itself. With the UP program, aged 16+ iGCSE graduates can complete their degree through one of the 140 partnered universities using BGA’s hybrid model. This means that Learners as young as 16 can start and finish their university degree in as little as 36 months. 

    Learn more about our UP program here.

Bottom Line

Experience the advantages of early graduation at Brave Generation Academy. Our self-paced learning model enables students to optimise their educational journey, resulting in accelerated personal and professional growth, financial savings, and enhanced academic performance. With more time for pursuing interests and early entry into the job market, early graduates gain a head start. This extends to higher education through our UP program, offering iGCSE graduates the opportunity to continue their education at affiliated universities and complete a degree in just three years. Shape a successful future with BGA and embrace the benefits of early graduation.


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