Connect to Educate: Kakuma Refugee Camp

Abedi Kakuma
Kakuma: Refuge in Northwestern Kenya 


In the arid landscapes of northwestern Kenya, the Kakuma Refugee Camp has emerged as a haven for over 200,000 displaced individuals seeking refuge from conflict and hardship across Africa.  


Established in 1992, Kakuma is a resilient community shaped by the diverse narratives of its residents, who hail from countries like Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  


Balancing Adversity and Solidarity 


Life in Kakuma is a delicate balance between adversity and the pursuit of normalcy, with makeshift homes, communal spaces, and essential services creating a sense of solidarity. The camp's entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to a bustling marketplace, where residents run various businesses, showcasing their resourcefulness and resilience. 


BGA and Generation Aid Collaboration 


In July 2023, an impactful collaboration unfolded in the heart of Kakuma Refugee Camp as BGA partnered with Generation Aid, a youth refugee-led nonprofit dedicated to reskilling refugees with digital proficiency. The focus of this partnership was clear — to enhance inclusion and employment opportunities for those navigating the challenging circumstances of displacement. 

Engaging in a dialogue with Generation Aid illuminated the harsh reality of scarce employment options within the camp, with refugees facing limited opportunities. In response, BGA recognised the potential of remote work and took a groundbreaking step by offering teaching assistant roles to select camp educators. Three remarkable refugee teachers—Hubert Senga, Abedi Japhet, and Charles Oozborn—embraced this opportunity, joining the BGA team after undergoing extensive training by our Course Managers. Today, they play crucial roles in grading LWS English and IGCSE Geography, contributing to the educational fabric of Kakuma. 


Transformation in Kakuma: BGA's Reflective Journey 


This effort has been nothing short of transformative for BGA. Witnessing the challenges confronted by Hubert, Abedi, and Charles firsthand, along with their unwavering dedication to education in difficult circumstances, served as a powerful testament to the resilience and potential of the human spirit. Their powerful example shows how education can open doors to new possibilities, catalysing positive change that extends far beyond the confines of the camp. 

This experience reinforced our unwavering belief in the potency of providing opportunities, especially in environments where such possibilities are rare. The challenges encountered, including cultural differences and the limited resources inherent in the camp (such as disruptions caused by flooding), were navigated with resilience and adaptability. These challenges, rather than hindering progress, fuelled our commitment to facilitating change. 

That is where Connect to Educate: The Kakuma Refugee Camp Fundraiser was born.  


Join Our Initiative: How You Can Help 


Supporting the Connect to Educate initiative is a direct way for our community to make a positive impact on the lives of learners in Kakuma. Your contribution can play a crucial role in transforming the educational journey of 150 learners for the next three years. We aim to raise 5000€ by the end of the year to provide essential resources such as learning materials, computers, uniforms, books, writing materials, and a printer. Each donation, regardless of size, holds the potential to bring about substantial change.  

Every little contribution helps! Here are the prices of some much-needed materials, so you can see the direct impact your donation can make: 


Donation Price List


Your support will not only empower these students, but also contribute to a brighter and more inclusive future through education.  


To learn more, you can watch the video below. To make a donation, please visit our GoFundMe page by clicking here.  


Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey toward positive change. 


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