BGA Winter Sports Tournament 2023

winter sports tournament

In the charming backdrop of Lagos, Portugal, the BGA Winter Sports Tournament 2023 unfolded, marking the second chapter in the series. Building on the triumph of the 2022 tournament held in Cascais, Lagos took the reins as the host location this year. 


A diverse array of participants, hailing from Hubs across the nation and even neighbouring Spain, passionately represented their regions. From Lagos to Lagoa, Loulé to Leiria, Cascais to Campolide, over 230 participants congregated in Lagos, transforming the Algarve into a bustling arena of athleticism. 


This sports extravaganza seamlessly integrated into the season's Build Week, a collaborative event designed to foster team building among Learners. Beyond the athletic competitions, the week featured an entrepreneurial showcase, a creative writing course, and a chess tournament, offering something for everyone. Facilitated by dedicated faculty, Learning Coaches, and BGA Learners from Hubs across Portugal, these events exemplified the vibrant spirit of the BGA community. 


Beyond the realm of competition, the tournament witnessed an outpouring of support from Learners cheering on their peers. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by the young participants embodied the essence of the BGA way of life. 


Despite sporadic downpours, the sporting events unfolded smoothly, resonating with laughter and goodwill. This  event stands as a testament to the unique BGA educational ethos, where individuality is celebrated, and teamwork prevails. 


The tournament showcased padel, tennis, football, and volleyball, all conveniently located within walking distance of the Lagos Marina Hub. The Lagos Stadium, the Lagos Tennis and Padel Club, and the municipal auditorium's indoor volleyball courts served as the arenas for these exciting competitions. 


Now for the much-anticipated results: 


- Football Winners: Team North 

- Volleyball Girls: Team North 

- Tennis Girls Doubles: Team Algarve All Stars 

- Tennis Singles: Porto (Caden Melvin) 

- Padel Boys Doubles: Team Lagos (Noah & Ivo) 

- Padel Open Tournament: Team Cascais 2 

- Chess: Lagos 1 (Bart Triesch) 


BGA takes immense pride in the resounding success of this event, celebrating not only the accomplishments but also the vibrant spirit and engagement of its Learners. These few days stand as a shining example of the BGA education revolution, where alternative paths converge, individuality thrives, and teamwork flourishes. 

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