Affordability Meets Excellence: BGA's Educational Transformation

affordable education

Problems with accessibility in education are nothing new. In many parts of the world, a large portion of the population lacks access to quality education, often due to the high price tag. With international education opening doors that local institutions often cannot, giving your child the best path to succeeding has become synonymous to spending your savings. 

But what if there was a way to attain an international education at a fraction of the cost? BGA is here to help.


BGA's Global Reach


With BGA’s hybrid model, we can ensure access to our curriculum anywhere in the world, with Hubs that require neither the cost nor the infrastructure of a traditional school. But how does this translate to affordability?


  1. Travel Costs - Traditional education requires physical presence, meaning commuting expenses to areas with reputed schools. And guess what? These regions tend to be pricier. BGA’s Hubs allow us to go where traditional schools can’t, extending education to remote or rural communities. This means that you don’t need to travel so far between school and family, saving you both time and money.
  2. Living Costs - In regions without access to quality international schools, families (or Learners alone) might relocate to the surrounding area of reputable academic institutions. Whether this involves moving within a city or even across borders, this means higher living expenses such as rent, food, etc.—especially if there are currency conversions at stake. BGA's solution enables students to receive education within their own communities, taking away the need for costly relocation.
  3. Quality Costs - Quality international education is expensive. Tuition fees often dwarf those of local institutions. BGA, on the other hand, offers competitive pricing by maintaining smaller class sizes and fostering partnerships with community organisations for necessary resources. Not only does this make us more sustainable, it also makes us more affordable. 


Brave Generation Academy is committed to democratising education and making it accessible to all. Our goal is to bridge the gap between quality education and affordability. If you've been seeking an option that offers a balance between excellence and accessibility, we invite you to explore what BGA has to offer. Discover a new way of learning that is cost-effective, flexible, and geared towards preparing Learners for a successful future. Take the first step towards a more affordable education by joining BGA today.

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